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Photo Booth Winner

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On 15 March 2014, I held a Photo Booth Competition for Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association members at their annual Fun Day event.  There were some lovely family and twin images and it was a touch decision for the judges. The winners were announced on 29 March 2014 – Grace & Peter ‘Jock’ and their twin daughters Myka & Zoe Today I met up with Grace and Jock and their family in their home to do their photo session. We got some lovely photos in the family home environment and also managed to get some with their two dogs.  Below is a snapshot of some of the fun we had and the images I got for them. L-R : Grace, Zoe, Peter (Jock) & Myka  As Canberra’s weather was kind to we decided to venture outdoors to a near by park in Belconnen, ACT and got some out door shots.  When we arrived we were greeted by a black swan and their family. Swans and their babies Love this image of Grace with Zoe & Myka looking at the swans in the lake. Me (Helga Dalla), with Zoe and Myka – thanks Jock for playing photographer for this shot, well captured. Thanks Grace & Jock for your warm hospitality and welcoming me into your home to capture some special...

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Photographing Twins Isn’t Easy – 7 Top Reasons Why

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7 Top Reasons Why You Need A Professional Photographer Being blessed with twins, triplets or multiples is definitely a blessing, but it always comes with mixed feelings. No matter how prepared you think you are, you will be surprised how soon it becomes clear that nothing can actually even start preparing you for the joy you are going to experience or the demand on your patience, stamina and life. It is challenging enough to cope with one baby; with twins or triplets or more everything gets compounded multiple times. In A World Of Twins Photographs Are Memories Forever My mum used to say, “Children are gifts that we get to keep for about 18 years or so; and the time just flies away. Make the best of what you have, for as long as you have with them.”  This is so true. You actually have them until they become 13 or so; and then you suddenly realize that you are slowly being pushed into the background, and their friends take the forefront. You need to make the most of the childhood of your babies because it is the most beautiful memories you can ever have. How?  There are many ways, but one of the most fun is with photographs. One of the most beautiful thing...

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Double Delight – Groch Family

Posted in Black and White Photography, Blog, Fraternal Twins, Funny Twin Moments, Twin Stories, Volume 4 A World of Twins

WOW I thought one set of twins or triplets made me work hard, UNTIL…I met the Groch family from Gowler East in South Australia.  Sarah and Andrew are one of the many SUPER parents who have not one set of twins but two sets of twins, taking the twin dynamics to a whole new level!  Sarah and Andrew’s first set of twins born were Brooklyn and Jordan who are 6 years and then along came Grace and Anthony who...

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2 + 1 + 2 + 5 the Lock Clan

Posted in Blog, Fraternal Twins, ID Twins, Twin Stories, Volume 4 A World of Twins

Fraternal Twins Jessica & Rhianon, Identical Twins Liam & Thomas and Lucy My 6th Adelaide Twins Shoot on 12 April @ 3pm…WOW is all I can say WOW…another SUPER Mum Karen from Mt Gambier who arranged for Jessica her 21 year old fraternal twin to drive from Geelong (VIC) to meet them all in Adelaide at Rhianon’s.  Karen  drove 5 hours to Adelaide Botanical Gardens to meet me with her other set of twins 17 year old Liam and...

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Andy & Riley

Posted in Black and White Photography, Blog, Fraternal Twins, Twin Stories, Volume 4 A World of Twins

Another awesome family that has given me a beautiful gift…to enter their home and capture their unique lives and story to share with the world through my book series ‘A World of Twins’  – a photographic study that explores the special world of twins; the unique relationships, the sympathetic likenesses and the common experiences…I’m blessed…have I told you lately that I love my job? Thank you to Lisa & Matt from Morphett Vale in South Australia for your warm...

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Cohen & Aiden

Posted in Blog, Funny Twin Moments, ID Twins, Twin Stories, Volume 4 A World of Twins

Today I visited Kirsty and Russell and their 4 year old identical twin boys Cohen and Aiden and the boys big sister Luci in their family home at Hillcrest in South Australia. I love blogging and sharing my photography experience and details of my special visits to into twins homes across Australia.  To be able to capture some amazing twin connection images for the family is simply gold – a moment caught in time to be cherished forever by...

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Jade & Peta

Posted in Black and White Photography, Blog, ID Twins, Volume 4 A World of Twins

Thank you Renee & Andrew for your warm welcome during my recent Adelaide Twins trip.  It’s always lovely to be greeted with so much enthusiasm from the twins and both Jade and Peta did just that, not to mention their big sister Eliza-Jane, 9 years who was a tad excited too I might add!!! Your twins and family photo session was the first one during my Adelaide tour and what a memorable one at that it was, thank you....

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