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Jaxxon and Bethany

Posted in Black and White Photography, Blog, Featured, Fraternal Twins

Another great photo shoot at the Edwards Family home in Noble Park, Melbourne on Wednesday 5 September 2012. I was greeted at the door by the whole family, tribe of very excited children, Twins Jaxxon and Bethany, big sisgers Siannan and Ashleigh and big brother Oliver and of course the proud parents Sherri and Peter. Sherri and Peter had organised with their neighbour to use their back yard for the photo shoot, so a ‘big THANK YOU’ to their neighbour for allowing us to use your garden, it makes such a difference with the overall photo shoot and I fell in love with the old rustic bike and kids schooter and trikes. Jaxxon and Bethany will also feature in the 2nd edition of A World of Twins, Australia . A black and white photography study that explores the special...

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