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Spreading the Word

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A friend of mine, Genine Howard, former founder/publisher of Profile Magazine on the sunshine Coast Queensland, recently relocated to Melbourne and has just launched Australian Content Kids (sister site to Australian Content Magazine…the magazine for women who want it all!) Australian Content Kids is a magazine that celebrates pregnancy, parenthood and of course, the tiny people in our lives. They provide informative, holistic parenting advice and bring you the very best products and information to raise happy, healthy, content children. Genine’s site is positive, empowering, educational, fun, inspiring but above all it’s about bringing out the best in our lovable little ones. Content Magazine launched early this year (2014) and due to its success Genine Howard, as just launched Content Kids. Content Kids has been developed as an online platform with a large, national, engaged audience with thousands of monthly views from parents...

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Identical Twins Aria & Kalani

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Parents Leigh and Andrew had enquired about participating in A World of Twins book series Volume 3 back in May last year.   Due to a few personal other commitments had to postpone. You can image how excited I was when Leigh contacted me in April this year to say that she would would love their twins and family to be a part of Volume 4. When I rocked up at their family home in Tweed Heads I was greeted by two cute little faces peering through the curtain in the lounge room.  The little faces belong to adorable 3 year old identical twins Aria Janet and Kalani Ann.  At the door bouncing around like he had ants in his pants with such excitement was their big brother Kai Trevor.  I was given the grand tour of their home,...

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2 + 1 + 2 + 5 the Lock Clan

Posted in Blog, Fraternal Twins, ID Twins, Twin Stories, Volume 4 A World of Twins

Fraternal Twins Jessica & Rhianon, Identical Twins Liam & Thomas and Lucy My 6th Adelaide Twins Shoot on 12 April @ 3pm…WOW is all I can say WOW…another SUPER Mum Karen from Mt Gambier who arranged for Jessica her 21 year old fraternal twin to drive from Geelong (VIC) to meet them all in Adelaide at Rhianon’s.  Karen  drove 5 hours to Adelaide Botanical Gardens to meet me with her other set of twins 17 year old Liam and Thomas and their older sister Lucy (19 years) for the photo shoot – amazing, we had so much fun – awesome guys…you rock! How memorable have you all made my Adelaide trip!!! Photo 1: Adelaide Botanical Gardens was a fantastic place to meet up for the shoot, I love this shot of them outside the Palm house.  These guys were great,...

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Cohen & Aiden

Posted in Blog, Funny Twin Moments, ID Twins, Twin Stories, Volume 4 A World of Twins

Today I visited Kirsty and Russell and their 4 year old identical twin boys Cohen and Aiden and the boys big sister Luci in their family home at Hillcrest in South Australia. I love blogging and sharing my photography experience and details of my special visits to into twins homes across Australia.  To be able to capture some amazing twin connection images for the family is simply gold – a moment caught in time to be cherished forever by the family. Prior to the photo session I send out my ‘Let’s Play’ details for the parents or twins and ask that they let me know which one(s) they would like to participate in on the day of our photo session.   These are interactions I have designed to remind the families of how much fun they can have as...

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Jade & Peta

Posted in Black and White Photography, Blog, ID Twins, Volume 4 A World of Twins

Thank you Renee & Andrew for your warm welcome during my recent Adelaide Twins trip.  It’s always lovely to be greeted with so much enthusiasm from the twins and both Jade and Peta did just that, not to mention their big sister Eliza-Jane, 9 years who was a tad excited too I might add!!! Your twins and family photo session was the first one during my Adelaide tour and what a memorable one at that it was, thank you.  I always have a chuckle with myself when one or both of the parents are not keen to be in any of the photos and this instance it was Andrew.  Renee warned me he doesn’t do the ‘photo thing’ and wouldn’t probably participate.  That’s all good, we’ll see on the day.  For some reason, gosh I don’t know why, some...

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Ruby & Scarlett – Identical Twins

Posted in 2nd Edition A World of Twins, Black and White Photography, Blog, ID Twins

WINNER free photo shoot and inclusion in the 2nd Edition of A World of Twins is Nicole Black of Queanbeyan, NSW. Nicole was the 200th person to register her interest to participate in the 2nd Edition. Since then we have almost reached 300…who will be the 300th winner, register your interest here Had a wonderful photo session on my recent visit to Canberra/Queanbeyan and captures some great photos. I can’t wait to see Nicole and Laurie’s twins Ruby and Scarlett in the 2nd edition of A World of Twins. A big thank you your time, hospitality and for supporting and sharing your twin’s story. GD Star...

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