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Against All Odds

Posted in Black and White Photography, Blog, Featured, Fraternal Twins, Twin Stories, Volume 4 A World of Twins

Never say NEVER – NO means GO!! My last Adelaide photo session  was with Richelle her husband James and their VERY special 14 month old twins Evelyn Jean and Joseph Donald…and Minion their dog! When I heard about Richelle’s amazing story I was so excited to meet this amazing mum and her husband James and twins.  Richelle has not one but two medical conditions ‘Stiff Person Syndrome‘ and ‘Dopha Responsive Dystonia‘ and against all odds of being told she could never have children or carry to full term, Richelle wouldn’t take no for an answer…not only did she fall pregnant but with twins and to almost full term, 34 weeks and 2 days (6 weeks premie) no complications AND to her credit she even managed to have them naturally. Never say NEVER – NO means GO!!  Richelle you are an...

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