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Fraternal Twins – Holly & Harry

Fraternal Twins – Holly & Harry

Holly & Harry
11 years
Mount Coolum, Qld

Carol (mother)

“Our initial reaction when we found out we were expecting twins was ‘how will we cope!’ Everyone we spoke to thought how special it was and how lucky we were. There were definitely times when I thought it would have been easier to have children one at a time! Now though, I look at friends with children of different ages and can see that having twins is probably easier. For instance with friends with a baby and a toddler – that would be difficult!”

Holly (twin)

Funniest Moment: “When we were three and it was Easter Mum was hanging the washing out and in that time we had worked together to get the Easter eggs off the top of the fridge and when she walked in we sat in the lounge with chocolate all over our faces.”

Harry (twin)

Best thing about being a twin: “Always having someone to help you do your jobs and never having to take the full blame.”

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