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Photo Booth Winner

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On 15 March 2014, I held a Photo Booth Competition for Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association members at their annual Fun Day event.  There were some lovely family and twin images and it was a touch decision for the judges. The winners were announced on 29 March 2014 – Grace & Peter ‘Jock’ and their twin daughters Myka & Zoe Today I met up with Grace and Jock and their family in their home to do their photo session. We got some lovely photos in the family home environment and also managed to get some with their two dogs.  Below is a snapshot of some of the fun we had and the images I got for them. L-R : Grace, Zoe, Peter (Jock) & Myka  As Canberra’s weather was kind to we decided to venture outdoors to a near by park in Belconnen, ACT...

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Spreading the Word

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A friend of mine, Genine Howard, former founder/publisher of Profile Magazine on the sunshine Coast Queensland, recently relocated to Melbourne and has just launched Australian Content Kids (sister site to Australian Content Magazine…the magazine for women who want it all!) Australian Content Kids is a magazine that celebrates pregnancy, parenthood and of course, the tiny people in our lives. They provide informative, holistic parenting advice and bring you the very best products and information to raise happy, healthy, content children. Genine’s site is positive, empowering, educational, fun, inspiring but above all it’s about bringing out the best in our lovable little ones. Content Magazine launched early this year (2014) and due to its success Genine Howard, as just launched Content Kids. Content Kids has been developed as an online platform with a large, national, engaged audience with thousands of monthly views from parents...

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Photographing Twins Isn’t Easy – 7 Top Reasons Why

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7 Top Reasons Why You Need A Professional Photographer Being blessed with twins, triplets or multiples is definitely a blessing, but it always comes with mixed feelings. No matter how prepared you think you are, you will be surprised how soon it becomes clear that nothing can actually even start preparing you for the joy you are going to experience or the demand on your patience, stamina and life. It is challenging enough to cope with one baby; with twins or triplets or more everything gets compounded multiple times. In A World Of Twins Photographs Are Memories Forever My mum used to say, “Children are gifts that we get to keep for about 18 years or so; and the time just flies away. Make the best of what you have, for as long as you have with them.”  This is...

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Against All Odds

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Never say NEVER – NO means GO!! My last Adelaide photo session  was with Richelle her husband James and their VERY special 14 month old twins Evelyn Jean and Joseph Donald…and Minion their dog! When I heard about Richelle’s amazing story I was so excited to meet this amazing mum and her husband James and twins.  Richelle has not one but two medical conditions ‘Stiff Person Syndrome‘ and ‘Dopha Responsive Dystonia‘ and against all odds of being told she could never have children or carry to full term, Richelle wouldn’t take no for an answer…not only did she fall pregnant but with twins and to almost full term, 34 weeks and 2 days (6 weeks premie) no complications AND to her credit she even managed to have them naturally. Never say NEVER – NO means GO!!  Richelle you are an...

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Double Delight – Groch Family

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WOW I thought one set of twins or triplets made me work hard, UNTIL…I met the Groch family from Gowler East in South Australia.  Sarah and Andrew are one of the many SUPER parents who have not one set of twins but two sets of twins, taking the twin dynamics to a whole new level!  Sarah and Andrew’s first set of twins born were Brooklyn and Jordan who are 6 years and then along came Grace and Anthony who recently turned 3 years.  So how awesome is that…to be parents of 2 sets of twins…simply amazing! As you could imagine their house is very busy and I couldn’t help but notice in their kitchen one whole wall decorated with their children’s artwork, awards and certificates of achievements – I could feel the children’s excitement and the parents pride when...

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Ayva & Zachary

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I had the pleasure of meeting Kylie and her two gorgeous 7 year old fraternal twins Ayva Marree and Zachary Ryan (Zach) on my recent Adelaide twins trip.  I received a warm welcome and a little apprehension at first, quiet natural when a complete stranger enters their home.  After being shown around their home they started to warm up to the idea.  On reflection, looking back through the photos while processing them Zach was actually quiet the camera flirt…he made contact and interacted with me and the camera, even when I thought he wasn’t paying attention or looking I always got that subtle look acknowledging he was present!  We started warming up with a few shots in their bedroom. Photo 1:  Love this one, caught them interacting and being themselves with their favourite toy perched beside each of them....

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