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Photographing Twins Isn’t Easy – 7 Top Reasons Why

7 Top Reasons Why

You Need A Professional Photographer

Being blessed with twins, triplets or multiples is definitely a blessing, but it always comes with mixed feelings. No matter how prepared you think you are, you will be surprised how soon it becomes clear that nothing can actually even start preparing you for the joy you are going to experience or the demand on your patience, stamina and life. It is challenging enough to cope with one baby; with twins or triplets or more everything gets compounded multiple times.

In A World Of Twins Photographs Are Memories Forever

My mum used to say, “Children are gifts that we get to keep for about 18 years or so; and the time just flies away. Make the best of what you have, for as long as you have with them.”  This is so true. You actually have them until they become 13 or so; and then you suddenly realize that you are slowly being pushed into the background, and their friends take the forefront.

You need to make the most of the childhood of your babies because it is the most beautiful memories you can ever have. How?  There are many ways, but one of the most fun is with photographs.

One of the most beautiful thing about twins, triplets or more kids is that you get to have some most wonderful photographs. However, no matter how enthusiastically you plan it, you will find that it is almost impossible to get a decent shot of your darlings because they seem to move away from the perfect shot frame just at the right time and ruin that great photo you were about to capture.

Why A Professional Photographer Is Best For You?

The best time to photograph twins is before they are 10 months and after they are 5, when they will listen to a few simple instructions and will have enough patience to cooperate with you. It goes without saying that you would not want to miss out on this time. Neither you would like to miss out capturing the most wonderful photos of your babies just because you do not have the right camera, the right angle or the right expertise.

What you need is hiring a professional photographer.  Here are 7 very good reasons that will show you why this is a good decision.  A photographer…

1. Has Great Equipment – the latest DSLR camera, your photographer holds in his hand is definitely better than your iPhone any day. There is a reason why that camera costs an arm and a leg. That you can get better photographs with the latest and most sophisticated equipment is a no-brainer.

2. Has Plenty Of Experience – you would definitely be a good one to value experience. Experience is what tells you how to take care of the twins and still manage to get enough rest to get you through the next day. Similarly, a photographer who specializes in shooting twins will know plenty about how to get photographs that make excellent memories.

3. Has The Know-How – an expert photographer will know what is the best light, best aperture, best speed, best props and so on. She will also know when it is the best time to shoot, how to shoot to get those super cool photographs and how to ensure that the photographs capture the best of your babies while making everything look like fun.

4. Has The Creativity – have you been caught melting when you see those cute twin baby posters in the market? Those were photographed by experts who specialize in photographing twins. The props used, the angles, the composition of the photographs, the light that falls on the children, the way they play with their siblings, pets, parents.

5. Has The Ability To Edit – in spite of the best efforts, many times a few imperfections slip in. While this would be a reason to get upset in normal circumstances, you need not worry about it when you have an expert shooting for the photographs for with the right type of editing the photographs would be just super cool; just the right type to win the “Twins of Australia” contest.

6. Has The Ability To Decide On Outdoors Vs Indoors – there is a lot of difference between photographs shot indoors and those shot outdoors. Often it requires different equipment to capture great photos. Sometimes – depending upon the weather – photographs come out just great in the house. Sometimes, the photographs would just have to be shot outdoors.

7. Has A Deeper Understanding On How The Twins React When Photographed – as parents you would feel you know all there is to know about your children. However, when it comes to what color is best in the photograph, what type of angle to capture to get the most touching or the most hilarious photographs.

3 Top Mistakes You Can Do While Trying To Get Perfect Photos Of Your Twins

You may still think that you can do without a specialist/ expert/ professional photographer in spite of the advantages enumerated earlier. Be aware that you could miss out on capturing those great snaps owing to some very common mistakes:

1. Thinking You Are Always Ready – you might have bought that great camera or the latest smart phone so you could be always ready to capture a great snap, but you will capture precious few. Why? Because quite mysteriously whenever the twins are the cutest your camera would not be ready or with you; and when you do take a photo, the twins will move at the very last nano-second and the magic moment to capture a photograph would vanish.

2. Ignore That A Professional Photo Session Is Best – you might think that a professional photographer is all about fees and hard work and hence, this cannot get you fun filled spontaneous photos. Nothing can be further from truth. Expert photographers know through experience and expertise how to catch those magical moments in your twins’ life.

3. Decide That You Can Definitely Do A Better Job If You Try Hand Enough – this could happen. You might end up shooting photographs better than a professional photographer. However, to reach there you will have to go through much growing pains, lost forever opportunities, and time wasted. Don’t do this mistake. Get a professional and ensure that you capture some of the most beautiful moments in your twin babies’ childhood.

Do not compromise on quality when it comes to memories of the childhood of your twins/ triplets/ or more. For more information and details contact Helga Dalla, Australia’s award winning twin photojournalist who can shoot some of the most brilliant, heart touching and beautiful photographs of your twins and triplets. You cannot go wrong with a professional; hence, stop taking chances on priceless memories and hire the best photographer in a world of twins – Helga Dalla.  You will be delighted you did when you see the results.

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