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Woods Triplets

Posted in Black and White Photography, Blog, Featured, Triplets, Volume 4 A World of Twins

I can’t thank Liz & Brett from Netherby South Australia for their enthusiasm to include their gorgeous children (12 year old triplets) Annabelle, Sophie & Matilda and their younger daughter Poppy in Volume 4 of A World of Twins. From the moment I entered their beautiful home to the time I said my farewells at the gate I was mezmerised by their daughters natural beauty and moved by the family’s close bond.  I adored Poppy she was amazing, bubbly, enthusiastic and eager to be a part of the photo session with her big sisters. Annabelle, Sophie & Matilda were all excited to be in a photo shoot and because of their enthusiasm to play and have fun I managed to get some awesome shots and it will be hard to choose the final 3 to feature in Volume 4....

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